Two Weeks From Today


…we’ll be on a plane, embarking on a grand adventure.
Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 11.06.43 PM
We’re going to Kenya for a 10 day African/safari vacation!

We’re flying into the capital, Nairobi. Spending two days there, then traveling across Kenya to the coastal beach town of Mombasa before going on a multiday safari in the Tsavo National Parks. After that, we’ll relax on the beaches near Mombasa for a few days before flying back home.

With any luck, we’ll see the Big 5 (buffalos, elephants, lions, leopards, and rhinos) while exploring and sleeping in the game reserves. Oh, hay, elephants meandering outside the dining room area. How’s it goin?
Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 8.07.13 PM
(photo from one of the places we’ll be staying whilst safari’ing, Lion Hill Lodge)

Let me back up a bit.

Ever since the first “if you could travel anywhere in the world” conversation we’ve had, Weez and I have dreamt of visiting Africa; to go on safari. Fast forward to April 2012. My best friend, Priya, moved to Malawi (she does global public health, aka saves babies in Africa). Weez and I had a series of heart to hearts, and knew this was our chance. No kids, flexible work schedules, a friend already living in Africa.

So we started saving, and researching. It’s been 8 months of planning and I can’t believe it’s almost here!

My advisor told me something once, and it’s resonated ever since:

“You can always make more money. You can never get more time.”

I love that philosophy, and I hope to live by it for the rest of my life. The world is a big place, and now is the time to explore it. Not in 5 years, not when we save X dollars, not when we’re older. Money is meant to be spent. On grand adventures and experiences and memories.

And an adventure this will most certainly be. I can’t believe this is real life. Africa. In two weeks :) I’m so grateful and excited. Two weeks!

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

8 Comments Add yours

  1. misszippy1 says:

    Color me extremely, extremely green! What an awesome trip!!! I think it is great you guys are getting out and traveling as much as you are now (pre-kids if you have them!). That is about my dream trip, right there!

  2. Jessica says:

    Eeek!! How exciting! What a wonderful trip. It’s gonna be so much fun :)

  3. Holly KN says:

    Oh, my word. This is AWESOME!! I’m a little sad you won’t be hitting up Singapore again, but this looks like a fantastic adventure.

    After all our travels last year, it would be greedy to say I’m jealous. But when a friend offered us the chance to join her on a safari trip over Chinese New Year, boy was that tempting!!!

    And hey, if you get a little lost on the return trip, there’s always SE Asia…. =)

  4. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! As you know, Kili is on the top of the list but I’m dying to do a safari after the climb— PLEASE take at least 457 million photos for me to stare at when you get back!

  5. OMGGGGG! SO EXCITED FOR YOU! (and a lot jealous!!!) So so cool!!!!

  6. Heidi Nicole says:

    This is awesome, so excited! And can not wait for photos!
    Before we moved to CO I worked at a group travel company that created group guided tours around the world – they were just finalizing a big 14 day trip to Africa that visited a lot of the same areas you are going…to say I’m rather jealous of your adventure would be an understatement! Have fun and please, please take a million pictures and just post a photo explosion when you get back!

  7. courtney says:

    Yes! So happy this is happening for you!

  8. Melon says:

    Money = You can’t take it with you and you can bet your life that your kids won’t bury it with you either.

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