How’s training going, and running on vacation


Marathon training has been going great so far! Looking back at the past month or so, I’ve hit every long run and weekly mileage is good. My legs feel fit and fresh most days, and now that our base is solid, we’ve started incorporating distance-based speed work.

I think one mark of being in good racing shape, is consistency during a hard track workout. The other day, we had a track workout: 4 x 800 (@ 3:10), followed by 2 x 400 (@ 1:30). Unfortunately, my 400 splits during the 800’s were all over the place. So by that standard, I’m certainly not in racing shape yet. But come April 15, I hope to be!

Track workouts are my favorite hands down (seriously, love ’em), but I know how beneficial a sustained hard effort, during a tempo run, can be for distance training. I like to break up my mid-week longer runs with controlled tempo efforts. Something like, (10 mins easy, 10 mins medium effort, 10 mins hard) and repeat, for however long the run may take.

While I have been really happy with marathon training these past few weeks, concern about getting speed work or long runs done (or any runs, for that matter), will be on the bottom of my list of things to do while in Africa. Sure, if it’s safe and we have the time to run, we most certainly will. But this is a trip of a lifetime, baby. We’re going to Africa to safari and to soak up the culture (not to stress about how/when/where we’ll be able to run)!

For every previous vacay we’ve been on, we’ve been able to incorporate running into our sight seeing. And it’s been a blast; such a great way to tour the cities/sites. Maybe it’ll work out in Kenya? Maybe not. But in any case, I’m not too worried this time around :)

Running in Cambodia
Running the Ankor Wat Archeological Park, while on vacation in Cambodia

Running while on vacation: thoughts? 

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  1. Ever hear of the Big Five Marathon? Sounds like the perfect combo for you :)

    1. Efo says:

      Um, get out of here!! Well add that to the bucket list!

  2. Lisa says:

    I’m with you; if it’s safe and i have time, I run on vacation. But I don’t freak out if it doesn’t happen. Actually, I feel like I plan not to run – then if I do, it’s a bonus!

  3. Holly KN says:

    Major kudos for running in Cambodia. I totally wussed out when we were there…did the air there bother you? I think my eyes watered for our whole trip.

    But…busting out a run might have been worth it, for a photo op with some of those ruins in the background!

    1. Efo says:

      The aIr in Cambodia? I didn’t think twice about it. It felt so luscious and jungle-like, humid and warm (in a good way). We didn’t run around the town area at all, but it was really safe and easy to run around the temples!

  4. Sam says:

    You’re far enough out from Boston that it won’t make a difference. And even if it would make a difference, this trip is much more once-in-a-lifetime than Boston. Enjoy every minute of that vacation. If anything, take some shorter, faster runs just to see the lay of the land. Don’t you dare even think about a long run! I got you to your BQ so you must listen to me during your Boston training!

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