Friday Favorites

1.) Non-dysfunctional runs with Cabo. Love our 1.5yr old, 70lb, black lab to death, but good lord that pup can be such a spaz. This morning’s run with her, though? Was such a pleasure. Loose-leash running, stayed the course. It was so lovely.

2.) Hot green tea in my super cool (hand painted) mug. I’m clearly the best painter in the world.

3.) Spoiling myself and bumpin’ the heat up to 75*F so that when I get out of the shower after a cold run, it’s nice and toasty warm in our apartment. (note: before you freak out about me wasting energy blahblahblah, we usually don’t even have the heat on because our place is well insulated and stays at 68ish during the winters. thank you, neighbors. thank you, apartment living.)

4.) Realizing that after tomorrow’s long run, I’ll hit a weekly mileage of 50 miles! I’m pretty sure the last time I hit a 50 mile week was in 2009. Or in college? Or maybe just, never. Hooray for little victories! I’ve really had to work to get 50 miles in this week. Makes me wonder… how the heck do full time working people run more than that?! Props to you, runner BAMFs.

5.) The new-do I gave our dining room wall. Upon thrift store shopping with Erica last weekend to find the perfect bronze candlesticks, I was finally inspired to decorate and hang some previously acquired antique-y, travel-related items on the wall (mask from Spain; dolls from Singapore; Canon AT-1 film SLR from the 70’s).

6.) That it’s Friday! And we’re heading up to Wyoming to hang out with my brother and his gf this weekend!

What are some of your faves these days?
Also, tell me you enjoy stepping out of the shower to a warm room/towel?! 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    Love your shelves in the dining room and I too bump up the heat in the am’s after a shower ;)

  2. Lisa says:

    We have a pellet stove and, since I’m always cold, it’s usually revved up. Happy to report they are very clean burning so I don’t feel guilty about using it. However I can’t say out loud how warm (hot) I’ve gotten that living room. :)

  3. Holly KN says:

    Hand painted mug…Color Me Mine? I have lots of good grad-school memories – and some platters, mugs, etc – from their “$1 paint fee pj nights”. :)

    50 miles is pretty sweet. Haven’t seen that number in a long time, and I’m kinda missin’ it, to be honest. Will get back there, though! In the meantime, you turn that heat up for a reward. While its totally unnecessary out here (in fact, our ‘reward’ for going on a run is turning on the air con in one room, so we have someplace to cool off when we get back), I lived in Rochester for enough years to know how lovely this feeling is…

    Enjoy your weekend in Wyo! :)

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