My mom can’t even keep track of me

Boston three weeks ago.
Portugal one week ago.
Dublin over the weekend.
And today? I’m in Minneapolis for a business meeting.

I fly home later tonight. I can’t seem to keep my feet on the same ground for more than a few days! I kind of love it.

I miss blogging though and holymoly there’s a lot to be caught up on! Pictures to be shared and stories to be told! Somewhere in there I think I’d like to include a Boston Marathon Race Recap, but just like everyone else who ran it that day, I’m having a hard time putting mine together.

A quick picture from last night! I should be back to blogging by this weekend! Cheers!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Love it! Sounds like you are loving life!!

  2. I love it!! You are a little jet-setter right now! Enjoy your travels!

  3. cute picture! hope you are having fun in minne!

  4. Melon says:

    CHECK OUT THAT HAIR – babelicious!

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