Puttputt, Pikes Peak, and Weez’s 30th bday


It’s been a wondrous, albiet very go-go-go, past two weeks. Hense the lack of blogging. I aim to fill you all in on all the good stuff today!

My Mama and Papa Dubs (aka best inlaws ever.) were in town for the past two weeks for both (Dr.!) Weez’s Ph.D. defense as well as his 30th birthday over the weekend. They just left town yesterday. Boo.

They spectated our Bolder Boulder 10K (yikes, I should get that recap up sometime. Spoiler: we goofed off, ate jello shots, did the slip-n-slide, and danced our way to the finish line and had a BLAST)….

We grilled out at our condo; we grilled out at their trailer/campground…

IMG_5147Cabo and Mocha (Weez’s family dog!) got lots and lots of lovin’. When you’re with 4 huge dog-lovers, the pups are bound to be spoiled a lot :)

We wine and dined around town… We played puttputt (Mama Dubs got a hole-in-one, Papa Dubs is a semi-pro, and I was the clear champion comin’ in with 15+ more strokes than everyone else. Higher score is better in golf, right?!)…
We took the super fun, oldschool Cog Railway up to the top of Pike’s Peak – elevation: 14,110ft!
Then the craziest thing happened…. we ran into our bffs and godson on the top of Pike’s Peak! Completely unplanned! They – like us – made the spontaneous last minute decision to experience the Cog Railway Train and we just so happened to be on the same train on the same day.

Weez’s folks’ vacay came to a close on Sunday when we celebrated Weez’s 30th birthday (check #15 off my list of 27-before-27!). Complete with his favorite homecooked-meal (Chicken and Rice) and dessert (Apple Cake). We polished off the night with a bottle of champagne and Weez’s big surprise birthday present.
For his present, I surprised Weez with plane tickets to fly back home to Michigan (this Friday!) and his wristband for the 2-day, Orion Music Festival, where Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rise Against (and more!) are playing. He totally didn’t see it coming. He freaked. #wifepoints.

It’s been a glorious 2 weeks, but I’m not quite ready to settle back into routine :P Did I mention our bffs/godson’s parents are living with us this week? I lovelovelove it. We should be permanent roomies. You don’t need to move back to Missouri next week! Don’t leave us! :)

Life is great.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Heidi Nicole says:

    Sounds like a fantastic week…er two! Lots of stuff going on!
    And that sounds like an awesome gift for Weez – are you going with him?

    1. Efo says:

      Naw, I’m staying home (not quite the Metallica fan that Weez is ;)) but his dad got in on the surprise and is going with him instead!

  2. misszippy1 says:

    Love how happy you sound and what a great time you all are having! Congrats and happy birthday to Dr Weez!

  3. i love this post :) so happy!! happy birthday to the dr!

  4. kaitwatts says:

    You two are too cute! Love all the celebrations and surprise gifts. I too am crashing at a friends’ this week. They are out of town until tomorrow though. We will see if they want me as a permanent roommate. Haha!

  5. wow! it definitely sounds like it has been a very fun and super busy last two weeks! it was so great seeing you athe the bolder boulder and can”t wait to read the recap!! also, NICE job on that birthday present!!!

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