Introducing, my new baby niece!


As you can all tell, I’ve been pretty vacant from EfoRunner and my posts are sporadic at best. I love writing and blogging, but in the midst of all the happenings in my life right now, blogging has to take back seat.

I should probably explain said happenings:

1. Thesis Writing! I’ve begun writing my PhD dissertation and it’s going wonderfully. I thrive off a busy work schedule and the self-induced pressure I’m feeling to complete pages or chapters by certain deadlines is a good type of stress. Productive stress.

2. Efo/Weez Life Plans. Weez leaves for his new job in Portland in about 5 weeks. I’m furverously working hard to finish my graduate research and thesis this fall (Oct/Nov time frame) so we don’t have to spend too many months apart (read: two rent payments). It’s feasible, but it’s been requiring a constant, steady work output (which I’m loving).

3. Triathlon training. I’m really excited about my sprint tri in a few weeks and enjoying training for it. I’ve been running 3ish times a week, cycling once a week, and swimming once a week. This is enough for my plate for now. It keeps my mornings nice and active.

4. Half Marathon training. I’m also pretty stoked for the GTIS 13.1 we’re registered for on August 10. I’m not training for this badboy as hardcore as I trained for say, Boston, but again, this is enough for my plate. I’d like to think I’m in decent-ish shape to take on a half.

Amongst this, Weez and I had the chance to zip down to Austin over the holiday weekend to visit my newborn baby niece and family :)

Joan is the SWEETEST little love of my life and the second I saw her, she had my heart. I’m in love. Case in point:

Lovin’ on my baby niece, Joan

And Joan’s big bro/my nephew, James? He’s at such a fun age; running’ around and crawling on laps and lovin’ on his uncle weez and aunt nani.

I love my 2-yr old nephew, James
I love my 2-yr old nephew, James

Twist my arm, okay okay, I’ll post more pictures :)

Visiting my sister and her family just reminded me how much I love kids, these kids, and how thankful I am that Weez and I will only be a couple hours apart from them come this fall (they’re moving to Seattle soon)!

How was your 4th of July weekend?
What are you training for these days? 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. kaitwatts says:

    So exciting that they are moving near you! I love being an Auntie too. I’m training for life right now. Haha. No, I think I’m going to do the Bozeman Half in September and maybe a trail race somewhere in between. I found a new running buddy here in MT, so I’m stoked to have someone to train with.

  2. Jessica says:

    What a sweet little thing!!! AH!

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