28 Before 28

Today is my 27th birthday!

Being 26 was the best. I checked loads off my 27-Things-I-Want-To-Accomplish-Before-Turning-27.

It all kicked off with a totally rad birthday-backpacking-trip, jumped right into my best friend’s blast of a wedding, to my cousin’s visit to CO, followed by the celebration of our own 1-yr wedding anny, before an incredibly memorable Thanksgiving, that lead into the best Christmastime of my life.

Then we took over Kenya for two weeks before my bff and I took over Colorado, and then Weez and I flew back to MI for Weez’s bff’s wedding. I trained my butt off for and ran the 2013 Boston Marathon and like many of you, struggled to understand the horrible acts of terror that happened that day.

I had the fortune to travel to Portugal to present my research before spending a weekend bachelorette Temple Bar-partying/Jameson-drinking/Grafton street-shopping in Dublin, Ireland. I called Weez “Dr.” for the first time among both our parents who flew out for the grand event, held my sweet baby godson, snuggled my sweet baby niece, launched my photography business, and completed my thesis.

Holy moly, what a year! I can’t tell you how thankful I am for my family and friends who were a part of every one of those memories. Everyday is a gift, meant to be spent with purpose and joy. I’m not about to slow this train down.

As crazy as it sounds, being 27 is setting up to be an equally spectacular year. And you know the drill… every new year brings a new life list! Without further ado…

28 Before 28:

1. move to Portland
2. defend my PhD in front of a panel of committee members, coworkers, friends, and family
3. order un cafe du lait en francais au cafe Paris
4. run a trail marathon
5. Adopt-A-Child (or Family) for Christmas
6. once, just once, enter my name as Dr. Erin when booking a plane ticket/hotel/reservation/etc.
7. sub 1:30 half marathon
8. pay for someone’s bill at a restaurant/coffee shop/drive-through
9. sub 3:20 full marathon
10. dance in a castle
11. hike another 14er before leaving CO
12. propose a bilingual toast at a multicultural wedding
13. take advantage of how geographically close my sister and I will be for the first time in 13 years
14. visit a new continent
15. donate our spare camping gear/TV/appliances/clothes
16. develop and expand Erin Fortin Photography
17. find 10 new trails to run in Oregon
18. get lost, at least once, in downtown Portland
19. spend a weekend on the Pacific Ocean
20. make new friends
21. experience at least 5 quintessential Portland-ian traditions
22. go to a sporting event in Seattle
23. celebrate our 2-year wedding anniversary
24. call my brother “Dr.” for the first time
25. play with a new hair style (ombre, anyone?)
26. plant a small veggie/spice garden
27. start my first professional job
28. run, literally, around Paris

14 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam says:

    I love this post, along with your enthusiasm for getting the most out of life. Hope you check off all 28, Dr. W.

  2. Aww…27…these last yrs in your 20s are the most fun :-) Enjoy! HBD!

  3. Jessica says:

    You have already started/accomplished so many of these!! Get it girrlll

  4. anna says:

    um, Imma call you Dr all day long. Paging Dr. 2625.

  5. Heather says:

    I think the Dr. Erin is by far the coolest thing on that list– you should be SO PROUD of that!

  6. Happy birthday! These look like great goals. I hope 27 is just as great as 26 was!


    yes, all caps were necessary because i’m just that excited for you! all of these things sound so incredible and i love reading about them.

    i hope you had the happiest of birthdays and i know year 28 is going to be another wonderful year of growth and adventure! love you so much!!!

  8. johngorman says:

    Reblogged this on Endless Parade and commented:
    Phew! This gal.

  9. meretn says:

    1. Happy (belated) birthday!
    2. This birthday post is so inspiring!
    3. You should be so so proud of yourself for such an incredible year!
    4. Why weren’t we close in college?
    5. Here’s to another fantastic year!

    Xx, Meret

  10. runwithholly says:

    Sounds like there’s a trip to France in the works. But I’m also super curious: Which continent is the lucky one? I’m figuring it’s gotta be…Australia? South America? ANTARCTICA???

    1. Efo says:

      Clever girl :) Which new continent should we visit: Australia or SA?? It’s gotta be one of them! (well, we can nix Antarctica for the time being…)

      1. runwithholly says:

        If New Zealand would count as Australia, you should DEFINITELY go there. New Zealand is AMAZING for outdoor adventures. And summer there = dark, rainy winter in the Pacific SW… Give us a ring. We’re DYING for an excuse to go back! =)

      2. runwithholly says:

        *Pacific NW

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