Race Recap: 2013 GTIS Half Marathon


For Weez’s last hurrah in the mountains and my birthday weekend celebration, we ran the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon, then met up with some friends for a backpacking trip. Both were totally great and boy am I sore!

The race is a point-to-point that starts at ~8500ft elevation in Georgetown and runs along Clear Creek on frontage/dirt roads until Idaho Springs ~7500ft. It’s truly a gorgeous place to host a race! We picked our bibs up at the start (not a problem), used the facilities (there were tons of them), and caught up with our friends Erica and her hubs, Matt before the gun went off promptly on time!


The net downhill was fast and brought out all sorts of speedy runners looking to PR. Don’t be fooled by the “net downhill” profile, because lordy, there were some nice hill climbs along the way. It definitely wasn’t all downhill. But then again, I was racing so every mile was a challenge and I really had to dig deep.
I went into the race wanting to go sub 1:35, which isn’t a PR, but I knew it’d be a solid goal to set for myself. I’m not in quite the same shape I was at my half PR.

The course was gorgeous. Winding along the river, on and off dirt roads between quaint log cabins and homes. The day started a bit chilly but warmed up rather quickly. By mile 2 I tied my long sleeve around my waist and ditched my throw away gloves.

There were aid stations every 2 miles or so, and I would grab a cup of cytomax and proceed to spill half of it on myself while run/drinking. The aid station volunteers were so friendly and cheered really loud, which was so great.

I came through the 10K at 43:59 (7:05 pace)

Truth be told, I wish I had soaked in the gorgeous course more than I had. I was in the pain cave, trying to race my legs off. Every mile was a new challenge/goal: I tried to stay as close to 7-7:15 pace as possible.

Spectators lined the course in small pockets. Parts of the race were quiet and serene; others were energetic with kids and signs and whistles. It was a lovely combination!

The final stretch of the race had us sprinting down Miner Street in “downtown” Idaho Springs (used very loosely here) (pop. ~1800). I was all smiles coming through the finish, squeaking in just under my goal time!

Georgetown to Idaho Springs 13.1 
Finish = 1:34:42 (7:14 pace)
7th F25-29 // 166th overall

And who was at the finish line the second I crossed?! My girl, Erica!
Erica was awesome and brought me a cup of ice cold water (I was parched! …and boy were my legs aching) and we cheered runners in, until Weez crossed not 5 mins later :)


We hugged Erica goodbye and wobbled our way to the after party, where we picked up watermelon, our goodies bag, and promptly sat down in the shade. I love a race that gives custom pint glasses instead of finisher medals, and GTIS didn’t disappoint! 

If we lived here next year, you bet I’d be back to race GTIS again! Major props to the event coordinators and race director! I had a blast!

Shortly after cooling down, we met up with some friends to head west for a backpacking trip. After finding the trailhead, we hiked in a couple miles, enjoyed an evening with a warm fire, gorgeous stars, and great company.
I woke up the next morning to (some very happy, sore legs) a surprise bday cupcake, complete with a burning twig and “happy birthday to you” sung by my friends :)

Pretty much the perfect, Colorado/birthday weekend :) 

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Heather says:

    I thought of you while I was running! Granted, I was at like mile 9 and I was like, “Oh, I bet Erin the Speedy is finishing now!” Congrats on a great race!

  2. I so want to do this race! Congrats on your great time!

  3. Jessica says:

    Sounds wonderful!! Congrats on your race :D
    And happy birthday again!!

  4. kaitwatts says:

    Happy birthday and congrats on your great time!

  5. I’m so jealous; I’ve been wanting to do this race for the last couple years!!!

  6. runwithholly says:

    Awesome race, and good mental fortitude! It’s hard when you’re in the “pain cave” and still 7 miles from the Finish Line! :)

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