Weez’s Going Away Party


I’ve got wicked mixed feelings, guys.

Half of me is so crazy excited/happy for Dr. Weez and his new job that he starts ON MONDAY, in PORTLAND. He’s the most hard working, driven, confident, amazing man I know (well, my dad is up there too), and I just know he’s going to move mountains when he gets to Portland. I’m so proud of him.

The other half of me is sad because tomorrow morning, I have to say bye to my husband for the next 10 weeks. I’m going to miss the hell outta him. He’ll be in Portland – holdin’ down the fort at our new apartment (which, I can’t WAIT to see) while starting his new job – solo. I know 10 weeks isn’t crazy long, and I know we’ll be just fine, but I’m still going to miss him like crazy.

Last night, we hosted a going away party for Weez and so many of his/our friends came over to say bye.
It was a true testament to how well loved he is, and how missed he will be. Weez has some amazing friends.
Weez has been in Boulder for 6 years and has made some incredibly close friends. Guys he’s played poker with, every week, for 6 years. Hell, I’m going to miss his weekly poker nights and the usual crowd that comes over for them.

We made homemade pizzas on the grill.
He hugged his favorite little twins goodbye (we were at the hospital <24hrs after these little little ones were born… and now they’re 3.5yrs old! They’ve got a very special place in our hearts)

We enjoyed the Dr’s favorite brews (IPAs) and stayed up late hanging out.

I can’t believe Weez is actually LEAVING tomorrow. I knew this day would come. Moving is a part of life. And it’s definitely exciting and a wonderful, wonderful thing because his new job is fantastic and Portland sounds incredible. But his departure makes my departure feel all the more real.

Only 10 weeks apart, means only 10 weeks until I have to move from Boulder and say goodbye to all my dear friends. It’s bitter sweet for sure.

But ya know? We’ve been damn lucky to have the friends we have out here. And I fully plan on soaking in every second of the next 10 weeks with friends, and plans, and adventures. :)

Boulder will miss you, Weez! Congrats on the next, exciting phase of your/our lives!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    Sounds like you have an amazing support system in Colorado, they’ll miss y’all like crazy!!
    Here’s to a fresh start and a new life :)

  2. runwithholly says:

    The best part about leaving a wonderful community? Lots of great people who will let you crash at their houses when you come back to visit!

    Good luck to Weez, and to both of you, over the next 10 weeks. They’ll fly by, I promise! :)

  3. TrailSnail says:

    I found your blog via Just a Colorado Gal – just wanted to say that I think you’ll enjoy Portland, it’s such a weird, wonderful place full of outdoor enthusiasts! I live in the Seattle area and spend a lot of time in the Cascades. The Pacific Northwest is a wonderful place to live!!

  4. Weez says:

    Stop it! You’re gonna make me cry…I miss you already, love!

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