See Ya Later, Boulder!


Life has its ebbs and flows, and it’s been an emotional few weeks that’s for sure. But boy am I thankful to have such a loving husband and family and pup (Cabo knows when I’m sad and sits down right next to me… within arms length for cuddlin’!).

Man, dogs are the best.

But I digress.

The movers came last week and hauled all our stuff away.
photo (1)

Cabo was pretty confused after they came and went so quickly, leaving us on the floor of an empty, echoing apartment, with nothing but bits of kibble in the corners for her to find.
photo (2)

No matter the 9 major times I’ve moved in my life, it’s always bitter sweet. I love change, I’m excited for the future, but I’m sad to leave such a great place behind.

Especially these girls. My grad school girls, I met 5 years ago. All the holiday parties, weekly girls nights, potlucks, relay races, support. Pretty great memories!
photo (3)

Today was my last official day at CU (keys and BuffOne card have been turned in!) and my advisor/lab mates took me out for my farewell lunch. I’ve been so dang lucky to be a part of this research group. The group has changed a lot in my 5.5 yrs here but my advisor has changed my life. He’s was great mentor and now colleague and I’m really going to miss this clan of crazy ginoblers.

Farewell to my chemistry hood. I can’t believe I stood here to work (almost) everyday for 5.5 years.
photo (4)

And what a gorgeous view from campus that I got to enjoy for so long. It even snowed a little today, so the Flatirons are lookin’ extra sassy.
photo (5)

So with that, I guess I have to say See Ya Later, Boulder! ‘Cause you know Weez and I will be back for visits, our graduation/hood ceremony, and to maybe one day show any kiddos the place that we were lucky enough to call Home for 6 years.

My last night in Boulder. I’ll make sure to make the most of it.

On to the next grand adventure! :)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam says:

    I have nothing snarky to say … just hope you enjoy your last night in Boulder … excited for you for your progression and transition!

  2. kaitwatts says:

    Good luck! I know this transition time can be bittersweet. Best of luck in all to come lady!

  3. We’ll miss you, of course, so come back and visit!

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