The very important tradition of red-and-green M&Ms


Thanksgiving is almost upon us!

Weez, Cabo, and I plan to be in the mountains for Thanksgiving day again this year (just like last year!). Oh, man, last year… that was the most wondrous weekend. After camping that Thursday night, we spent the rest of the weekend with my aunt and family in Illinois. It was awesome. My heart wants to relive it again so badly.

I really miss her. My heart is still sad everyday. I know it’ll heal and we’ll be okay just like she wants us to be, but I wish it wasn’t this hard, you know? 

When I was putting out my decorations, I smiled because she taught me the very important tradition of red-and-green M&Ms. When I was little, every time, without fail, my Aunt would have a candy bowl filled to the brim with M&Ms that matched the holiday season. I think about her every time I refill my candy bowl.
It’s not the holidays without red and green candy all over the house.
Weez and I turned on Christmas tunes, Cabo tried to eat the red and gold ribbons, and even though it was a gray and snowless day here in Portland, it started to feel just a little bit like the holiday season :)

And all this Christmas mumbo jumbo doesn’t mean to say I’m not wildly excited for THANKSGIVING ON THURSDAY followed by my mom’s birthday on Friday. And well, I can’t help but be jealous that my sister, nephew, and niece get to spend the holiday with my parents and I don’t. Dang you, new job, and your lack of vacation days!!


Real world jobs, dude. Such a buzz kill.

Oh! One last thing! Over the weekend, Weez and I went to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra perform in downtown Portland!

I wish they had played more Christmas tunes we’re familiar with, but otherwise, they put on quite the spectacle of a show!

So I guess it’s safe to say I’m getting in the holiday spirit :)

Anyone else put up their holiday decor yet?
Have you seen the Trans Siberian Orchestra before?
Happy Thanksgiving, folks!


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  1. OMG, love the Trans Siberian! We go see it every couple of years and I am always fascinated by how they can jam out!

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