Run ’cause you love it


Every night, sometime around 8PM, or 9:54PM if I’m up entirely too late, I set my alarm.

photo 1

And when our alarms go off, even if it’s temporarily hard to crawl out of bed, I love how Weez, Cabo, and I get the city all to ourselves. Running the street-lit sidewalks around town. It almost feels like we’re living an additional life, in the dark morning hours before the traffic and gray skies and hustle of busy Intel engineers running all over the place at work.

It’s our own peaceful slice of calm.

It might sound crazy, but Intel has me falling back in love with running again because I really value that “me” time.

Actually, Intel has given me appreciation for a handful of things these days. To name a few:
– the phone dates with my parents on the way to and from work
– how Weez only works two floors away (same building!)
– the camaraderie between my new friends who know what it feels like to have a bad hood day or to be paged 3 times in a night

Speaking of our pagers, I experienced my first full weekend on-call last week. I survived (hopefully gracefully?) and enjoyed the best comp day ever to prove it. My team rotates weekends on-call between the 5 of us (so I’ll work 1 of every 5 weekends). It was intense but more importantly, I learned a TON which was really rewarding.

Anyhoo, when you work a weekend (I think it ended up being ~30+ hours btwn Sat-Sund), you’re given a day off for compensation. I took Wednesday off. So what did I do? I slept in, snuggled Cabo, got a massage, met Weez for lunch, ran 10 miles, and had dinner ready for my man when he walked in the door.

I have a feeling that’s how I’ll be taking advantage of my comp day, once every 5 weeks ;)

If you could do anything on one day off work mid-week, what would it be and why? 

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  1. Heidi Nicole says:

    Its weird how a few days off (for legit reasons!) can get your head in a funk. I was all out of sorts about my running since I took most of last week off (literally, too busy to run, I swear!) and really wanted to skip Sunday’s run because it wouldn’t get me many miles anyway…it took a few hours of convincing but I eventually headed outside. And got exactly what I needed. A chilly, peaceful run with lots of random critters (including my first muskrat sighting!) and a fresh outlook on life when I got back to the car. It was only 3 miles…three miles had that much power! Screw my weekly mileage, that run was worth it!

  2. How nice that you guys run together at early o’clock! I’ll be up at 4:30 tomorrow too, but on the treadmill since I don’t have an early buddy and don’t want to go outside alone. I think Wednesdays should always be off days… Two days work, day off, two more. :)

  3. This is fabulous and EXACTLY the reason that I love getting up for early morning runs [Because the out-of-bed part isn’t exactly as much fun!] So good you have this outlet in an otherwise hustle-bustle day/life!

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