What’s Next? And a Portland Challenge GIVEAWAY!

As I toed the line on marathon Monday, I knew I was going to lace up my shoes for an easy (very easy!) little jog on Tuesday. I’ve been running every day this year, and I didn’t want the streak to end :) It’s leveling, really. Doesn’t matter if you run 26.2 miles or just 1. A runs a run. A time to give back to yourself a little, enjoy the fresh air, and focus on your health/your mental peace. You deserve it.

As my soreness faded, it didn’t take long (errr, 2 days) before the question, “what’s next?”, popped into my mind. It’s almost like the cool folks at Challenge Nation HEARD me….

Challenge Nation, Portland – May 4th 2014!
Screen shot 2014-04-27 at 8.48.54 PM

Looks like fun.

Ya’ll know Weez and I moved to Portland back in October and the city is totally still new to us. We try to go downtown once a week or so to explore the restaurants (loving the vegan options here), culture, museums (OMSI rocks), and night life.

Portland is a pretty rad city. We love it. But there’s SO much more we want to explore.

Again, it’s like Challenge Nation read our minds. So when I was contacted about participating in Portland’s Challenge this May, we jumped at the opportunity!

Urban 1-day adventure/scavenger races (think, The Amazing Race but less eating gross bugs) are getting super popular. One of my coworkers talks about adventure races like these all the time. They’re totally in vogue right now and I’m super excited to explore undiscovered parts of the city as we dart around solving clues.
Challenge Nation 2

The pitch behind this “race” is that:

  • teams of 2+ race around the city solving tricky clues before you can move on to the next checkpoint
  • you gotta execute clever strategy to get around by foot quickly
  • it’s a sweet way to explore the city
  • costumes are encouraged
  • team work will be tested!

Weez and I have found ourselves in some preeeeetty tricky travel situations a time or two, and we even worked in the lab job for 5 years, but we’ve NEVER tested our teamwork like this before. I’m kind of stoked to try this :) And I’m stoked to be able to give away 2 free entries as well!

Two free entries for the Portland Challenge are up for grabs! Deets:
Race Info HERE
– When: May 4th (this Sunday!)
– Where: Portland, OR

To enter, leave separate comments for the following:
(1) what’s your favorite restaurant in Portland
(1) how long have you lived in the area
(1) suggest a goofy/fun team costume

I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner (based on the comment #)… but enter QUICK and BEFORE THURSDAY at 12PM. Remember, this giveaway is for the Portland race location :)

I’ll post the winner on Thursday night! Good luck!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. dawn @ running the dawn says:

    so..i wouldn’t be able to participate, but that sounds like so much fun!!!! what a great way to come back after boston.

    p.s. i can’t believe you are still alive and well with your streak. you are my hero woman!

  2. Ben Schile says:

    Favorite restaurant: Salty’s Sunday Brunch!!!

  3. Ben Schile says:

    I have lived in Portland for 14 months, and have taken advantage of a lot is the races around the area.

  4. Ben Schile says:

    Team name “DONT BLINK” we will be dressed as road runner and coyote

  5. Efo says:

    Well that was easy! Giveaway closed! Congrats, Ben, I’ll email you the registration code!! :)

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