Here Today, Gone To-Maui!

Last week, I turned off my on-call pager and left the Fab (clean room) for good. It’s been a wild ride as a Technology Development Engineer at Intel, but this girl is moving on to a new, exciting position (bonus: still at Intel!)!

There’s a new job on the horizon, folks! Smiles all around, baby.

I don’t start until July 20th, so with this entire week off, we decided to take some vacation :)

First stop: a quick weekend in Colorado!

Because why NOT fly to Colorado for 48hrs, to run an 80 mile relay on the Colorado Trail with 25 other friends?

Ya’ll remember my roomie, LJ? Lovelovelove this girl.

My team, The Smooth Criminals, consisted of LJ, Dan, Weez, and myself.

There were 11 legs total split up over the 4 of us, so we each ran ~20 miles.  We raced from trailhead to trailhead, high-fiving for handoffs.

Colorado singletracks just can’t be beat.

All 26 of us camped-out between Day 1 and Day 2, which meant an epic campfire complete with live music, a gigantic pot of homemade chili, and loads of laughs.

Day 2 brought us up and over Georgia Pass, finishing outside of Breckenridge. Weez ran the last leg, and despite being 4 weeks post-appendicitis, carried us in to victory. This guy; he’s superhuman.

Our team came in 1st with a time of 14hrs30mins! Not bad for two sea-level-sissies on board.

After finishing the race, we drove straight from the mountains to the airport (sans shower). We weren’t the only passengers that looked to have enjoyed their weekend… Coloradans know how to pack it in :)

Vacation week continues… Today, I’ve got a track workout (12x400s… gulp!) and some packing on deck, but tomorrow?

Maui :)

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  1. congrats on the new gig and relay win! enjoy vacation!!

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