25 Facts About Me

I’m not sure if I’ve actually ever done this on my blog before and I thought this would be a really fun post to make, plus it lets you know a little bit more about me. That’s partially the reason for blogging and reading blogs, right?

Without delay, 25 Random Facts About Me:

  1. I am 5’8″ and wear size 8.5 shoe (9 in running shoes).
  2. I have naturally chocolate brown hair but have dyed it: red, black, and most recently blond ombre.
  3. I’ve never had incredibly clear skin and battle adult acne, even at age 29.
  4. I am an empathetic person to the core. If someone is upset, it makes me sad. Seeing someone happy, makes me happy.
  5. The first time I ever learned how to bicycle, my grandpa Ken launched me (ok fine, I lost control myself) into a prickly patch.
  6. My favorite food in the world is a steamed artichoke.
  7. My favorite drink in the world is (decafe or regular) plain coffee.
  8. I’ve been told I have an irrational fear of buttons.
  9. My hands are frigid tendrils all the time, seriously, all the time.
  10. I absolutely love bubble baths and include the works whenever I draw one: dimmed lights, candles, good book, stock pile of Lush products from which to chose, and a glass of ice water.
  11. The view out our backdoor is a luscious garden forest with butterfly bushes, laurels, hydrangeas, apple trees, and a protected stream that won’t ever bring construction/new homes.
  12. I learned sign language as a young girl, taught Weez some basics beyond the alphabet, and we speak in sign to each other on plane rides and crowded places.
  13. Ever since I can remember, I’ve suffered from panic attacks and only my dad and Weez know how to pull me out the fastest.
  14. The first major gift I’ve ever bought myself was my first camera: a 3 megapixel Canon point-and-shoot.
  15. I own 2 Canon digital SLRs and 2 Canon film SLRs and can’t decide which I love shooting with more.
  16. When I was maybe 7 years old, a monkey stole my lunch and my mom chased it down until the monkey dropped it.
  17. I learned how to drive on a 1986 Cadillac. Navy blue leather interior.
  18. I’ve traveled 6 of the 7 continents. Not sure how to tackle the 7th.
  19. I prefer to brush my teeth the second I get up. Followed by contacts, shower, bfast.
  20. I have a freckle on my leg that looks like a SCUBA diver.
  21. I honestly tried convincing Weez to change his last name to my maiden name before we got hitched.
  22. At any given moment, we have 3 staples in our fridge: OJ, tofu, and salad fixins.
  23. Whenever I love a new song, I’ll look up the lyrics and memorize them so I can belt them out when I sing along in the car.
  24. My very first job was the “cosmetic advisor” at Walgreens (aka the cashier in the cosmetics section).
  25. On the Myers & Briggs personality test, I am an ENFJ.

Tell me something I don’t know about you! Leave a note in the comment section, below!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m looking to buy my first REAL camera! I think Will has rubbed off on me :) I was eyeballing entry-level DSLRs but I think I’ve settled on the Sony RX 100 IV. Kinda digging the idea of still being able to put it in my pocket!

    1. efo says:

      YAY. Ooohh that Song look snappy! My vote is DO IT. Besides, Will has the full body+variable lens camera set up well covered :)

  2. pbaile00 says:

    Hi, Friend. RE: No.13. Me too :) While I can’t speak to your Dad’s skills, I know Weez was always good at listening. :) Miss you both.

    1. efo says:

      Really? I never knew. I always hoped I would ‘grow out’ of them, but alas. Do you mind me asking what you do to help prevent/cope/recover?

  3. I also tried to get my husband to change his last name to mine. No dice. :(

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