That One Time Weez Surprised Me With Plane Tickets to…

All Weez told me for the MONTHS leading up to my 30th birthday was a) request 2 days of PTO for a 4 day weekend and b) you might need your passport. When my birthday week finally arrived, Weez broke the silence and said we were heading to the Canadian Rockies…

Banff National Park!

Weez certainly outdid himself (how will any birthday ever be this grand again?!), and whisked me away to Alberta, Canada for 5 days and 4 nights in iconic, stunning, insanely gorgeous Banff.

We spent 2 of the night camping at Two Jacks Campground, where the fire wood was abundant, deer roamed freely, and quiet hours kept the scene rustic and cozy.


Wildlife is very much present in the park (just like Yellowstone) and we were advised to get bear mace. While we were picking some up at an outfitter shop, I asked the employee if there’d be any bear sightings in our campground. He replied,

“Bears? Not in the past week… it’s just that pack of wolves…”. Um, ok!

Then there was that one time a grizzly came charging out of the woods at our car while we were stopped on the side of the road.

We went trail running every day (carrying the bear mace), which – aside from the fear of being mauled to death by a grizzly – was epic. Check #5 off the list!

We went canoeing in Moraine Lake after realizing it was way to cold to jump in for a swim…

Power boating Lake Minniwanka…

We went Johnston Canyon exploring, glacier gazing, and hiking in complete astonishment by how outrageously gorgeous this place truly actually is. It was a photographers dream and an outdoor playground.

One evening, we hiked to the summit of Tunnel Mountain right around sunset for views of the city below. I could have starred at those clouds till dark. I thought of my grandpa a lot.

One the last night, we stayed at Emerald Lake Lodge and the views, accommodation, food, and trail access did not disappoint. I highly recommend this place.

Thank you for spoiling me every day of every year, Weez. I can’t believe how lucky I am in life to know you. banff-aug-2016-69

Banff… What a dream boat! Haven’t been yet?! What are you waiting for!! :)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. wanderwolf says:

    Wow. Some really great photos!
    And you got lucky with the weather!

  2. Emerald Lake Lodge! We parked in their parking lot one night in the van; waking up to that lake was stunning! What an awesome surprise :)

  3. melon says:

    You look just like your mom in the pic of you in the motor boat!

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