The Last Time We Were Three…


Weez, Cabo, Efo. The original Team Weez of Three :)

I didn’t do a lot of blogging while we were pregnant, but we definitely documented our pregnancy along the way. This is because as a photographer, I wanted to have beautiful, high-quality photos of US together on which to look back (and for our daughter to see one day herself). So today, I wanted to share some of those photographs we’ve had taken! We captured photos at Weeks 17, 27, and 36 (1 week before our girl was born).

At Week 17, aside from feeling horrible morning sick (I was throwing up 6x/day which slowed to 1x/week for what turned out to be the entire remainder of our pregnancy), we were really flipping excited to finally start sharing our joy with more people. We used these photos to share the big news with our social media and friends (photo credit: Red Aspen Photography).

At Week 27, pregnancy started feeling really fun for me. We were feeling the amazing kicks and movements, morning sickness wained to 1x/week, I was having fun dressing the bump, and we were able to start running again. We were traveling a ton over the summer, too, which brought us together with friends and family from Boulder to SF to NYC to Michigan (photo credit: Katie Dessin Photography).

At Week 36, I was LOVING our third trimester: running regularly, food wasn’t a struggle, the nursery came together, and we were filled with legit “we’re going to be real life parents so soon” excitement everyday. When we had these photos taken, we had no idea that our baby girl would make her arrival only a week later! (photo credit: Katie Dessin Photography).

At that brings us up to about 4 weeks ago… :) Life is so so good. Parenthood brings us indescribable joy. Baby girl’s proper introduction and birth story to follow!

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  1. David says:

    These are lovely pictures! My baby boy was born three months ago, and I’m wishing my wife and I had taken more photos along the way. Congratulations to you both!

    1. Erin says:

      Thanks, David, and congrats on your 3-month baby boy! How sweet. It’s never too late to start documenting and taking more photos along the way :)

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