First Time Disperse Camping with Reese


We’ve had such a mild winter here in the PNW. It’s been in the 40-50’s and slightly less wet, so needless to say, Weez and I (and, Cabo!) have been itching to get back to the forest for a weekend of camping. But it was going to be totally different this time around… we have a 3-month old baby!

I took to the internet to search for pro-tips. How to keep baby warm during the night? What’s a safe way to co-sleep in a tent? Baby in my sleeping bag or on her own pad? Should we worry about dog and baby and adults all in one 2-man tent?!

The thing about doing something new or scary is that you just have to go for it. You have to practice to know what works best for you and then it’ll only get easier. Sure, it would be easier to not go camping. It would be easier to sit at home. But that’s not us. So we packed up the Subaru, drove into the mountains, and celebrated our first camping experience with Reese.

It was 40*F during the day while we hung out at the campsite. We kept Reese warm in her fleece footed onsie, inside a bunting, and a hat. When we weren’t bouncing her on our laps, she hung out in her car seat or on me in the ergo. When she needed to nurse, we relaxed in the car. When she needed a diaper, we used the backseat.

When it was time for bed (35*F by then), we followed our usual night time routine inside the tent. We padded the tent with 3 thick blankets (gotta love car camping) and Reese slept in her bunting between Weez and I. We used her boppy (the breast feeding pillow) kind of as a bumper between her and us. We slid her down so her head wasn’t in the crescent, per say, but a bit below. Cabo, being the seasoned, trail running, camping dog superstar that we love, slept at the foot of our REI Half Dome.

Morning tent snuggles.

Co-sleeping in a tent wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it’d be. Heather and I were messaging each other about it and she asked me what the lows were from the adventure. Lol. Time for some real talk:

Admittedly, the activities around the campsite were low… we held Reese and then put her in the ergo, but didn’t exactly get to play games or stay up late like we used to while camping. Sleep was pretty poor for me because I kept obsessively checking on Reese’s facial and ear warmth and for breathing (she was always warm though). The nerves were like being a newborn mom all over again!

Overall, it was SUCH a chill experience. I’m so glad we got out there. Now to start researching how to backpack with an infant… ;)

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